Arena Rake

arena-rake POA

  • The magnum® Arena Rake is design to be towed by a quad bike giving your arena a complete makeover every time it is used.
  • Size - 2 metre 
  • Features a side shute. 
  • Available in kitset form or pre assembled.
  • Suitable for all arena surfaces.
  • "Since having our new Magnum arena rake we and our clients have all noticed a huge difference in the consistency of the surface on our arena. People just can't believe in such a short period of time what this arena rake can do to improve a surface we highly recommend this rake to anyone wanting to have a fantastic even surface all year round.
  • Steven and Amanda Hill - Rosehill Park Equestrian"


  • Roller: 2.118 mtrs 
  • Diameter of roller: 32cm                                                     
  • Tines: 14pcs
  • Blade: 2.1118 mtrs 
    • ATV Tyres: 18" 9.5-8 
  • Side Shute:  402cms