Automatic Water Trough 30 Ltr

MB104 $206.69 incl gst

  • Our MB104 automatic water trough is made from indestructible plastic (HDPE) and comes with zinc plated flush and wall brackets.
    • The ballcock cover is made from aluminium and is removable for easy cleaning. 
  • It has an external lip.
  • It can hold up to 30 litres.
  • Measurements - 450wx370hX430d
  • Weighs - 2.9 kgs per trough
  • 20mm ballcock can be on either left or right hand side.
  • 20mm bung for easy draining
  • Made in Australia


  • Indestructible plastic (HDPE)
  • External Lip
  • 30 litre Capacity
  • 450wx370hX430d
  • 2.9 kgs per trough
  • 20mm Ballcock Left or Right
  • 20mm Bung for Easy Draining
  • Removable Ballcock Cover
  • Supplied with zinc plated flush and wall brackets