Horse Walker

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For 25 years magnum's Horse Walkers have been rehabilitating, training and pre-training, conditioning, strengthening, toning and exercising horses all across the world.
With our unique monorail design  able to have a roof added to it, we are able to offer a safe, quiet and cost effective solution to the cost and time of exercising your horses. 

  • Our Walkers Include:
  • Galvanized full frame and fence.
  • Internal & external galvanized gates with spring bolts for easy access.
  • Monorail design that rides smoothly and quietly upon nylon wheels. 
  • Motors that run on single or three phase power.
(The walker requires 240 volts of single phase power, three phase option is also available, and the control box is fitted with an inverter which inverts your single phase to three phase. It is recommended all walkers be fitted with a surge protector system at the installation stage, this is done by a registered electrician).
  • Bay sizes with plenty of room.
  • Galvanized mesh infill inner and outer panels with rubber protective matting. 
  • Variable nine speed control - from 5km to 25km.
  • Forward and reverse with emergency stop.
  • Remote control.
  • 36 month warranty on parts & labour. 
  • Optional Extras:
  • Donut roof - Corrugate 40mm Zincalume or Colourbond.
  • 17mm rubber on top of a full concrete base for safety and comfort. 
  • Internal lunging ring / sand roll (from 16mtrs upwards).

  • Sizes/Horses:
  • 10mtr - 4-5 horses
  • 12mtr - 6 horses
  • 16mtr -6/ 8/10 horses
  • 18mtr - 9-12 horses
  • 20mtr - 10-12 horses
  • 25mtr - 15-20 horses
  • 30mtr - 20-25 horses
  • Base Options:
  • Concrete curbing or full concrete base with rubber matting overlay. 
  • (Magnum Equine can arrange the base work on your behalf or this can be arrange by the customer).

Concrete curbing - can use sand, rubber chip, wood chip (not included in price)

Full concrete base with rubber matting overlay.
  • POA - All prices include gst, freight and installation unless otherwise stipulated
  • *Site preparation and electrical wiring is not included*
  • **Infill for concrete curbing is not included**
  • ***Rural properties may incur higher concrete price***
For finance options we recommend 

  • The walker has become a necessary tool for every day training and exercise and is now used by many leading trainers, an example being Newcastle Jockey Club, Ballarat Turf Club, Wangaratta Turf Club, Sunshine Coast Turf Club, China Horse Club, Cambridge Stud, McKee Racing, Bjorn Baker, Busuttin Racing, Chris Waller, Kevin Gray, Peter & Dawn Williams, Singapore Racing Club, Royal Cavalry of Oman and many more...

We are starting to see an increase with walkers being used in the equestrian and show jumping world by the likes of Sir Mark Todd and Carl Hester (England).

Pre trainers and agistment farms are also seeing the benefits of walking horses and the walkers are being used by leaders in the field amongst which are Lyndhurst Farms, Muskoka Farms and Breckon Farm.





Size Options

  1. 10 meter - 4-6 horse - 1 x 1.5kW motor
  2. 12 meter - 6 horse - 1 x 1.5 kW motor
  3. 16 meter - 8 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  4. 18 meter - 9 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  5. 20 meter - 10-12 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  6. 25 meter - 15 horses - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  7. 30 meter - 20 horses- 3 x 1.1 kW motors 
All walkers carry a 36 month warranty on all parts and labour
Can you trot or canter the horses on a Horse Walker?

Yes to both on a 20, 25 or 30 meter walker, trot only on a 16 meter walker and walking only on a 10 or 12 meter walker

What size is the lunging ring?

10 meters for a 16 meter walker
12 mtrs for a 18 meter walker
14 mtrs for a 20 meter walker
19 mtrs for a 25 meter walker 
24 mtrs for a 30 meter walker.

What power supply do I need for a Horse Walker?

Single Phase to control box - Inside the control box is invertor technology to enable the motor to run on three phase power. It is advised that your walker is fitted with Surge Protection.

  • Maintenance
  • Regular maintenance of the walker should be undertaken to ensure your walker is in good working order, this involves checking all wheels for any noise and checking all ring nuts and bolts and tightening any that require it