Magnaclad POA

Magnaclad has been specifically developed for use in Stables for partitions and all interior wall linings.


Instruction to countersink holes & predrill first, place textured side to outside (smooth side against framing)



How do I cut Magnaclad?

Skillsaw, Handsaw or Jigsaw

What size do is come in?
Standard size is 2400 x 1200 x 10mm – other sizes available – min order qty

How much does a sheet weigh?

How do I clean it
Warm water and scrubbing brush


• 2400x1200x10mm - sheet size
• Other sizes available on request (min quantity requirements)
• Range of colours available (current colour Light Grey) - min order 250 sheets
• 100% waterproof
• High Density Polyethylene Easy to clean and maintain
• Interior applications only
• Indestructible One Face Textured/One Face Smooth
• Environmentally friendly - made from recycled material